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Since our inception in 2005, we have been blessed to work with thousands of athletes, playing a role in their development both on and off the court. Our Mission Statement reads: "Our goal is to provide a fun, competitive atmosphere where a carefully selected group of Gold Medal Squared Certified coaching staff will emphasize fundamentals and advanced skills. We commit to helping our athletes build a strong work ethic, leadership skills and life lessons that will carry far beyond the volleyball court."  Here's what some of our Miami Elite Family members have to say about their experiences with us. 

"I have been a part of the Miami Elite Family since I was 4 years old. I started as a little sister watching all of my older sisters play. Then I started competing on a club team when I was 9. Miami Elite has not only made me the player I am today but the person I am as well. They are literally family to me. They taught me how to work hard and it has led me to playing Division I at NC State University. They are the best people I've ever met and have taught me more than I can ever imagine. They've taken me under their wing and pushed me to be the best player I can be. I know that when I finish my 18s season that we will have each other's back, no matter what. Miami Elite is the best club out there because it is not just about volleyball, but about life. They led me to fall in love and stay in love with my passion, volleyball". 
- Saskia Hernandez, c/o 2021, NC State University (14 years with ME)
During her years at ME, Saskia is a HS State Champion, 3-time All-Dade Athlete, Player of the Year, 3-time USA Volleyball Nationals Bid Winner and 3-time AVCA HS All-American Candidate. 

"Miami Elite has given me an excellent foundation that allowed me to become a college athlete. I began training with the club when I was 13, and quickly fell in love with the program, the coaching staff and my fellow teammates. Their program taught me discipline, hard work and how to be an effective leader and communicator. These skills I not only use on the court but off the court as well. I am proud to tell people I played for Miami Elite - a club I am proud to call my family and home." 
- Sophia Poveda, c/o 2017, Stonehill College (6 years with ME)
During her time at ME, Povi was a HS State Champion and multi-collegiate scholarship award winner. 

"Our three daughters have jointly participated in most of the programs offered by Miami Elite over the last several years.  During this time, they have learned game rules and techniques from knowledgeable volleyball coaches.  However, the Miami Elite family is so much more.  ME Coaches are supportive of the entire athlete: their education, their progress, and their happiness.  Our girls have learned the importance of teamwork and individual character.  They are held to a high standard with loving guidance from an amazing team of leaders.  We are extremely grateful for ME for encouraging our girls to be their very best; and supporting them, on and off the court."
- Ike & Luly Hilliard, ME Parents (6 years with ME)

"Miami Elite has not only been a team for Gaby but a family, a second home. We are so happy about everything this team has taught her. Miami Elite not only took Gaby under their wing but pushed her to excel everyday. Showing her that practice does make perfect and that team work really does make the dream work. Thank you Miami Elite for everything you’ve done for her. Showing our daughter never to give up and to always strive for success."
- Perli De Izaguirre, ME Mom (3 years with ME) 

"Miami Elite has been a home to me for many years. I not only learned so much about volleyball but I learned the importance of trust and friendship on and off the court. As a player and a coach, the staff always heard everyone out and has the best intentions for every single player. i was always pushed to be the best i could , not  only physically, but mentally, and without such a helpful coaching staff none of that would've been possible."
- Chiara Cancela, c/o 2018 (7 years with ME)

"My years playing at Miami Elite I found myself surrounded by coaches who wanted me to get better and teammates who pushed me to be the best I could be. Our practices were fun yet competitive and we worked to get better every day. We were pushed to work hard so that we could achieve our goals as individual players and as a team. I was lucky enough to play with some of my best friends, be led by some of the best players and be coached by coaches who really had our teams and players best interest in mind. "
- Caro Baca, c/o 2018, Fordham University (2 years with ME)  

"Miami Elite has taught me multiple lessons on and off the court. What I love about the club is the coaching staff. The relationship I have with many of my past coaches is one I will cherish forever. Miami Elite is a second family to me, I have made many good relationships through the club and unforgettable memories. The practices were always very intense and bettered my volleyball everyday. Miami Elite really does have the best coaching staff, I will forever be thankful for them."
-Quinn Blanco, Class of 2017, Catholic University (7 years with ME)
During Quinn's 7 years at ME, she was a 2-Time HS State Champion 

"Miami Elite meant more than just a volleyball club to me, they are my family. Since I was 12 years old, the club has taught me countless lessons on and off the court. Not only was I lucky enough to be coached by some of the best coaches, but I made lifelong friendships that I will cherish forever. Each practice was held at a level of intensity that mimicked college-level play. I can confidently say I would not be the person I am today if it weren’t for Miami Elite. Thank you Miami Elite for always motivating, molding, and challenging me to be a better person! "
-Gaby Miller, Class of 2017, Babson College (7 years with ME)
Gaby has just recently assisted her Babson College team reach the NCAA D3 Sweet Sixteen for the first time in program history. During her 7 years at ME, Gaby was a 2-Time HS State Champion

"What I love about Miami elite is that everyone there just wants you to get better. And the coaches actually know volleyball and teach you things that they've heard and learned from the best. Also that they try to give you the best competition possible so you're getting better and winning because you worked for it not because it's easy. But the biggest thing is they give you advice and teach you lessons that you can use in future and in life not just on the court. And they try to make you feel as comfortable as possible, as if you were part of their family. At Miami Elite you'll make friendships and bonds that last forever. "
-Nikkia Benitez, Class of 2017,  University of South Florida (4 years with ME)
Throughout her 4 years at ME, Kia was a 4-time HS State Champion, 3-time First Team All-Dade Player, 2-Time Miami Dade Player of the Year, and a Florida Dairy Farmer Player of the Year. 

"My freshman year of high school, I came to Miami Elite just expecting to play another typical club season, on another typical club team. What I didn’t know was that my new teammates would become my best friends and my coaches would become my family. Not only did I play my first year at ME, I voluntarily coached with the Future Stars program. This is where I began to fall in love with coaching. I continued to play all throughout high school and coached with Future Stars and Training Program. Finally, my senior year of high school, I decided to ask Julie if there was anyway I coach a travel team that year and she gave me the opportunity of a lifetime when she said yes. I became an assistant coach for a 14's team. This is where I learned so much more about my love for volleyball and coaching. Their emphasis on work ethic, effort, and a continuous drive for success have not only inspired me in my athletics, but in all of my life situations. I have since moved away to college but have continued my coaching career. I owe all of my knowledge and my success to my Miami Elite family and I will forever be grateful for them! "
- Kennedi Dale, Class of 2017 (5th year coach, 4 years with ME)

"Miami Elite Volleyball Club is the complete package! ME has trained coaches with no hidden agendas and they are looking out for the best interest of the player. My daughter, Alyssa has been with ME for two years and I have seen her grow as a volleyball player and as an individual. ME has taught her the technical aspect of the sport, the mental component, but also to believe in her abilities. We feel blessed to have found a volleyball family with ME!" 
- Leslie Gonzalez, mother (2 years with Miami Elite) 

"Playing for Miami Elite shaped me into the person I am today. This club has taught me about leadership and how hard work and a positive attitude can go a long way. Miami Elite has also taught me how to overcome adversity. These are all traits that I incorporate into my everyday life and schoolwork. Without Miami Elite I wouldn't be as successful as I am today throughout all aspects of my life!" 
- Jenny Ceballos, Class of 2014, Rollins College (10 years with ME)
 Throughout her 10 years with ME, Jenny was a 5-time National Qualifying Bid Winner, a HS State Champion, and numerous gold & silver tournament champ. She played OH at Rollins College, breaking records for a triple-double stat holder as a Freshman. 

"Playing for Miami Elite was an experience to remember. Not only was it a constant competitive atmosphere, but it was a group of people I got to call family for 9 years. I chose to play for Miami Elite because of the positive influences the coaches had on me and the high level of play. I played for Miami Elite because right away you could tell they were very different. The atmosphere and the commitment by the coaches' skill improvement stood head and shoulders over other clubs in the area. Learning and growing in that environment prepared me mentally and physically to excel at the highest level of volleyball. Nowhere else will you find a staff and club more committed to improving you as a person and as a player. Without the support and coaching of Miami Elite, I would not have been able to achieve my full potential as a volleyball recruit, they helped me dream and achieve my biggest dreams. There is no better place than Miami Elite and if I could do it all over again, I would choose Miami Elite every time."
-Michelle Melendez, Class of 2013, Palm Beach State College & Liberty University (6 years with ME)
 Michelle played setter and libero during her years at ME and was a scholarship recipient at both college programs. 

"We chose to stay with Miami Elite because the volleyball program provided the best training, discipline, and competition for our daughter who played 6th through 12th grade. Miami Elite coached are so committed to each of their teams and it is not always easy with the weekly training and weekend travel. Our daughter Susie is now playing college volleyball and has commented how her coach, Julie Doan, really prepared, challenged, and trained her during those years."
-Lisa Forbes, mother (7 years with Miami Elite) 

"Miami Elite was not and is not just a club I played and now coach for, it is a family. Not only did I learn to become the volleyball player I am today with Miami Elite, it helped me become the person I am today. I was lucky enough to be coached by some of the best coaches, which really prepared me for UM and helped me better my game everyday. Each practice was intense and competitive and the constant feedback was amazing. I am so blessed and thankful to have been and always be a part of Miami Elite."
-Sylvia Hernandez, Class of 2014, University of Miami (7 years with ME)
 During her 7 years with ME, Sylvia was ranked Top 25 Outside Hitters in the Nation by Prep Volleyball, was a 5-time National Qualifying Bid Winner, a HS State Champion, and numerous gold & silver tournament champ. Sylvia was also nominated for the HS Gatorade Player of the Year and was a 3-time Miami Herald Player of the Year. She received an athletic scholarship and is currently in her senior year, playing libero at the University of Miami. 

"Being able to play volleyball for Miami Elite for six years definitely helped shape me into the player I am today. Being passionate about the sport and having a desire to become as good as I could be, are reasons that drove me towards Miami Elite. Also, as a middle school student, watching older players excel in the sport after playing for Miami Elite, made me want to play for this club as well. The coaching staff always pushed me to be my best and definitely molded me into a serious competitor and strong teammate. Attending practices each week and tournaments each weekend taught me to be disciplined, give effort for everything, how to be early (not on time), and how to be a team player. Also, the Miami Elite coaches are so knowledgeable of the game and emphasized that details and proper form matters! Today, I am a junior playing Division 2 college volleyball at Palm Beach Atlantic University. Miami Elite definitely molded and pushed me in order to achieve my goal of playing at the collegiate level. I am extremely grateful for the time and effort Miami Elite put into me as an individual and player."
-Susie Forbes, Class of 2014, Palm Beach Atlantic University (7 years with ME)
Throughout her 6 years with ME, Susie was a 5-time USA Nationals Qualifying Bid Winner, a HS State Champion, and numerous gold & silver tournament champ. She received an athletic scholarship to PBAU, and as a sophomore, helped her team finish #2 in the NCAA D2 National Championship. This past fall as a junior libero, Susie led her team back to the NCAA Final Four and finished #3. In addition, Susie is the captain of her team and recently was named to the NCAA D2 National Championship All-Tournament Team. 

"Miami Elite has instilled leadership, responsibility, and respect in my daughter. Miami Elite has the best coaching staff in Miami. They genuinely care about the girls well being to make sure they are ready to play at the next level!!"
-Michelle Boggs, mother (4 years with Miami Elite) 

"I've been a part of Miami Elite for the past five years and I wouldn't trade them for anything. I have learned so much as a player and the importance of relationships. I have become such a hard working teammate and have also learned a lot about myself as a player. I have grown so much through my experience and only hope to continue."
-Chiara Cancela, Class of 2018 (5 years with ME)
Chiara is currently a junior at Palmetto HS and has helped her team win 2 consecutive District Championships. 

"Miami Elite does an incredible job developing well rounded athletes. As a former Miami Elite athlete, I can truly say the coaches prepared me for my collegiate volleyball career and gave me all the right tools to succeed and lead from my freshman year to my senior year. Now, I am a graduate assistant for the University of West Florida volleyball program and still use the same concepts and coaching methods that I learned at a young age at Miami Elite."
-Becca Acevedo, Class of 2010, Palm Beach Atlantic University, Asst. Coach Winthrop University (7 years playing with ME, 3 years coaching)
 Becca played at ME for 7 years and coached for 10. In addition to winning many gold & silver tournament medals, Becca went on to receive an athletic scholarship to NCAA 2 PBAU, earning a starting setting position as a freshman and maintaining that role for 4 years. Becca was an NCAA D2 All-American setter at PBAU, breaking records both in the NCAA and at PBAU. She is now the Assistant Coach at NCAA D1 Winthrop University. 

"I heard about Miami Elite through a friend at work. Her daughter played club there and she raved about the club's emphasis on fundamentals. My husband and I have three daughters and we were looking for a volleyball program for the oldest two. She told me of their program for young players called Future Stars. At the time, the oldest two were in first and second grade. Future Stars sparked their interest in the sport. Now they are currently on Miami Elite's travel team, playing beach during the off season, and my oldest is playing on her school team. My youngest, now in second grade, has been in Future Stars since Pre-K and will hopefully be playing travel ball next season. I cannot thank Miami Elite enough for instilling the fundamentals, work ethic, and eye-work into my girls. I know that my girls will go far in the sport of volleyball because of the base that Miami Elite has established in them."
-Barbie Cadavid, mother & Miami Elite Coach (9 years with Miami Elite)

"I have had four daughters attend Miami Elite over the past 15 years. My two oldest went the length of their careers (seven years each) and the two younger ones are still playing with them. Not only has Miami Elite been an incredible volleyball avenue with tremendous success including many appearances at Nationals, a college scholarship, an indoor HP National Championship, but more importantly they are a family, a place to build lifelong friendships and lasting memories. The Miami Elite coaches are a group of caring coaches who strive for the best while nurturing young girls into strong, independent women. I could have never asked for a better place for my girls to have played volleyball!"
-Sylvia Hernandez, mother (15 years with Miami Elite)